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Alias - BAR Server. SQL CLR or Standard EXE in Distribution.

It's NEVER so easy to stream database between SQL Server instances.
No matter they are on-premise or Cloud. No matter they are in Windows or Linux.
Here is a demo that streams DB from SQL 2014 in Windows to SQL 2017 in Linux.


E2E Backup & Restore

E2E (Endpoint-to-endpoint) Backup & Restore can help to backup database directly to other instance quickly.

  • Between on-premise instances
  • Between cloud instances
  • Between on-premise and Cloud instances
  • Between Windows and Linux instances
  • NO Wait. Backup and Restore in Parallel
  • NO need of intermediate temp storage

In this show, traditional solution spent 86 seconds in THREE steps, while E2E finished it in 15.54 seconds by a SINGLE SP call.     


Backup To & Restore From S3

AWS S3 is becoming more and more popular as storage layer, even data lake. With GABR, you can backup database to, or restore database from ASW S3.

This show shows you how easy it is to make a backup to AWS S3 by GABR.     


Backup Performance Test
Build-in Backup VS GABR Backup

A frequently asked question is, why we need 3rd part Backup & Solution. This show tells one of the reasons.

  • MSSQL Version: SQL 2016 EE with SP1
  • Storage: NVMe RAID10
  • DB Size: 37296.19 MB
  • Build-in Backup: processed 2771378 pages in 39.319 seconds (550.659 MB/sec).
  • GABR Backup: processed 2771378 pages in 8.747 seconds (2475.293 MB/sec).
  • Backup Size: Both 3.87GB

Encryption Supported

Build-in backup Encryption is improved a lot in new versions of SQL Server. But, in the following scenarios, GABR encryption helps a lot.

  • Your SQL version is too old to support real encryption.
  • You hate keys & certs, and want simple real encryption with plain password.
  • You want to implement your own encryption for various reasons.

This show introduces how GABR encryption works.     


Compression Supported

Build-in backup Compression is greatly improved since SQL Server 2008R2. But, in thr following scenarios, GABR Compression still helps.

  • Your SQL version is too old to support CompressionCompression.
  • You like multi-level Compression like Zlib.
  • You want to implement your own Compression for various reasons.

This show introduces how GABR Compression works.     


File Conversion

If you use GABR Compression or Encryption, the backup file could NOT be recognied by SQL Server. But you can convert them to standard format easily.

This show tells how to make the conversion.     


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